"We can also deliver in black and dark blue."

We often have to add this, because these colors are almost never available in our collections. When we founded gorge&us in 2013, our variety of colours was decisive for the breakthrough. Since then we have enriched the fashion world with our diverse and sometimes daring color combinations in the cashmere area and made a name for ourselves. Our high-quality and stylish sweaters and cardigans – all handmade in Nepal – are a perfect symbiosis of fashion and color. Our pure lust for life, our positive characters and just fun, joy and fun are reflected in the products from gorge&us.

Who are we?

Eileen from Norway and Katja from Germany are the faces behind the label gorge&us. While Eileen was in charge of the European sales of high-quality merino wool knitwear for a Swedish company in the 1990s, Katja developed sports designs and international marketing and PR strategies for world-famous sports companies at the same time.

The friendship between us began shortly afterwards; our love, intuition and high affinity for fashion and design led to a collaboration that became the basis for our company gorge&us in 2013. Since then we have been supplying customers in Europe, Canada and the USA with unique and cozy cashmere and knitted products.