The raw material for our cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, where our cashmere goats live on organic pastures. This complies with the provisions of the USDA and EU Organic Regulations. The harsh and cold conditions on site ensure that the goats produce high quality cashmere hair for us. This cashmere hair is colored after brushing; 50% of the resulting dirty water is recycled and used! Our production facilities are located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have been producing here for years in a small family business that is familiar to us. Through regular on-site visits, we convince ourselves that ethical and ecological standards that are important to us as mothers of six are met. In Kathmandu we enjoy the relaxed working atmosphere, lunch in the team and the cultural and professional exchange of experiences. For us, sustainable production also means that we only produce what we can really sell. Therefore, our warehouse is kept small and the number of items in stock is limited. We can quickly resolve any bottlenecks in demand through our direct line to Nepal. So nothing ends up in the garbage with us; only what is worn is produced.

It is also worth knowing

Our yarn supplier is a member of the ICCAW International Committee of Animal Welfare with the aim of:

  • Implementation of animal welfare friendly farm systems
  • Ensuring the quality and safety of animal products

In addition, our yarn supplier is a member of the SFA – Sustainable Fiber Alliance with the aim of:

  • Restoration of pastures
  • Guarantee of animal welfare
  • Securing the livelihood of the shepherds